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Description:  1400e Touch Screen terminal

Availability:  We have 1400e Touch Screen terminal units in stock

Repairs:  Automation Control Solutions repairs ALL Allen Bradley Components. Core exchange discount.

Technical specifications:

Part Number: 2711E-T14C6
Product Line: Panelview 2711E
Display Size: 14-inch
Display Color: Color
Communication: DH+ and Remote I/O
Memory: 256KB On-Board Flash
Input Voltage: 180-264V AC
Backlight: 6189-NL2
Software: PanelBuilder 1400E

We Have PanelView 2711E-T14C6

Available for immediate delivery

Shipping Deadline 3 PM CST

Revision Part #

2711E-T14C6 | A
2711E-T14C6 | B
2711E-T14C6 | C
2711E-T14C6 | D
2711E-T14C6 | E
2711E-T14C6 | F
2711E-T14C6 | G
2711E-T14C6 | H
2711E-T14C6 | I
2711E-T14C6 | J
2711E-T14C6 | K
2711E-T14C6 | L
2711E-T14C6 | X

2711E-T14C6 | Rev A
2711E-T14C6 | Rev B
2711E-T14C6 | Rev C
2711E-T14C6 | Rev D
2711E-T14C6 | Rev E
2711E-T14C6 | Rev F
2711E-T14C6 | Rev G
2711E-T14C6 | Rev H
2711E-T14C6 | Rev I
2711E-T14C6 | Rev J
2711E-T14C6 | Rev K
2711E-T14C6 | Rev L
2711E-T14C6 | Rev X

2711E-T14C6 | Ser A
2711E-T14C6 | Ser B
2711E-T14C6 | Ser C
2711E-T14C6 | Ser D
2711E-T14C6 | Ser E
2711E-T14C6 | Ser F
2711E-T14C6 | Ser G
2711E-T14C6 | Ser H
2711E-T14C6 | Ser I
2711E-T14C6 | Ser J
2711E-T14C6 | Ser K
2711E-T14C6 | Ser L
2711E-T14C6 | Ser X

Common misspellings: 2711ET14C6


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