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1400e Touch Screen terminal

PanelView 2711E-T14C6

About 2711E-T14C6

The PanelView 2711E-T14C6 features a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels and it is a 16-color graphical display.
The 2711E-T14C6 touch screen ships with a hard coated and a scratch resistant casing made out of polyester, anti-glare glass strength with the screen held in place with an aluminum-coated bezel.

The 2711E-T14C6 features 256KB flash user memory running on the Panelbuilder 1400E software. The 2711E-T14C6 features different user-definable function keys with a keypad used for entering numeric values. The 2711E-T14C6 keypad comes as a pre-labeled unit supporting the creation of the key labels to suit the application needs.

The unit features special keypad keys that include the arrow keys and a home key used for navigating through the set bit cursor and the numeric input cursor points. The select key is used with a set bit cursor and has the numeric input cursor points used to pop up the numeric entry scratchpad. The 2711E-T14C6 comes with a standard feature on all terminals with valid back numbers. The maximum number of racks is 64 and features the discrete and the block transfer configurations. These allow the device to achieve direct access to the other RIP ports without the PLC Logic. The 2711E-T14C6 comes with the RS232 serial featuring the ControlNet/RIO pass-through.

Supports connectivity to multiple PLCs as well as the other PanelView. The 24-hour display time clock with date and can adjust accurately for up to 7 minutes per month at 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). The Operational temperature range between 32 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity limit of 95% at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Shock rating: 15G and operational vibration of 1G at 80 to 2000 Hertz.

Technical Specifications:

Part Number: 2711E-T14C6
Series: Panelview 2711E
Product Type: Touch Screen Terminal
Display Size: 14 inches
Display Color: Color
Input Type: Touchscreen
Communication: DH+ and Remote I/O
Memory: 256KB On-Board Flash
Input Voltage: 180 to 264 Volts AC
Backlight: 6189-NL2
Software: PanelBuilder 1400E
Weight: 43.5 pounds
Shock Rating: 15G
Power Consumption: 60 Watts
Display Resolution: 640 by 480 pixels
Battery Lifespan: 10 years


Revision Part #

2711E-T14C6 | Rev I
2711E-T14C6 | Rev J
2711E-T14C6 | Rev K
2711E-T14C6 | Rev L
2711E-T14C6 | Ser A
2711E-T14C6 | Ser B
2711E-T14C6 | Ser C
2711E-T14C6 | Ser D
2711E-T14C6 | Ser E
2711E-T14C6 | Ser F

2711E-T14C6 | Ser G
2711E-T14C6 | Ser H
2711E-T14C6 | Ser I
2711E-T14C6 | Ser J
2711E-T14C6 | Ser K
2711E-T14C6 | Ser L
2711E-T14C6 | A
2711E-T14C6 | B
2711E-T14C6 | C
2711E-T14C6 | D

2711E-T14C6 | E
2711E-T14C6 | F
2711E-T14C6 | G
2711E-T14C6 | H
2711E-T14C6 | I
2711E-T14C6 | J
2711E-T14C6 | K
2711E-T14C6 | L
2711E-T14C6 | X
2711E-T14C6 | Ser A
2711E-T14C6 | Ser B
2711E-T14C6 | Ser C
2711E-T14C6 | Ser D

2711E-T14C6 | Ser E
2711E-T14C6 | Ser F
2711E-T14C6 | Ser G

Common misspellings: 2711ET14C6

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